TERRITORYThe Barren Lands



Yazmine is the youngest member of the Loner Pack. But she was born in a different pack entirely. Her original pack was invaded when she was only an infant. She escaped with her brother, Arrow, but she didn’t get away unscathed. Her left eye was injured and now she can no longer see out of it. After the two of them escaped, they stumbled upon the Womb of Warriors.

The keeper of this cave is a spirit bear named Ursa. Arrow and Yazmine enter this cave and Yazmine starts playing around with the echos. Arrow gets irritated with her and tells her to shut up in a stern tone. Ursa appears wearing a red bandanna and tells Arrow to treat his sister [Yazmine] better. It is implied that Ursa gave Yazmine the bandanna to comfort her after losing everyone except Arrow.


Yazmine is a care-free wolf pup. She just wants to chase butterflies and play. Her brother has a lot of trouble keeping tabs on her, and the pack tends to take over watching her when Arrow needs space. Yazmine is understanding of Arrow’s “hunting trips,” and she doesn’t seem very troubled by the bad past she experienced. She is scared of Mia and Mai, and has anxiety when things get tense between members of her pack.


Yazmine’s only living relative is Arrow. She doesn’t remember what her parents look like and she is shy around other members of the pack. Yazmine’s favorite thing to do is hang out with her brother. But he is usually absent minded and distracted with other things. She doesn’t hold it against him and maintains a healthy relationship with her brother throughout the movie.