voice actor Dylan Poore
gender Male
rank Alpha
territory Central Grasslands



Xavier is the main antagonist of the series. He is a wolf that gained tremendous power and influence in a short amount of time. Originally, Xavier was born in the Southern Swamps — but he currently resides in the Central Grasslands. The Central Grasslands, Southern Swamps, and Eastern Desert, are all territories under his control. He is a black wolf who wears a deer skin hide with antlers on his head. Also, he has a scar on his face forming an X. His outfit is topped off with a tooth necklace made from animals he has hunted.


Xavier is heartless. He doesn’t care about the other wolves in his pack and only seeks to fulfill his own desires. He loves war and has killed countless wolves on the battlefield. His personality is so cold, some question whether he is even a mortal wolf.  He behaves more like a demon than a living creature. Xavier doesn’t value life or the sanctity of the forest. He is not a well liked Alpha, but the other wolves obey him because they don’t want to be killed. They fear not only what he could do to them, but also what he would do to their family and loved ones.


Xavier wants to have control over all the territories. He wants to be the only alpha and anyone who stands against him gets killed. Xavier plans to accomplish this by waging war against the other Alpha wolves. Having control of the Central Grasslands and Eastern Desert are not nearly enough for him. Now he strives to conquer the Northern Tundra and West Winds territories. He will stop at nothing to get what he wants. Although he is close to his goal, an Alpha wolf named Ash stands in his way.

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