voice actorfakerussiandude
territoryNorthern Tundra



Troy is the alpha of the Northern Tundra.  He comes from a bloodline of strong and prestigious Alphas. His pack is in trouble as Xavier‘s wolves encroach on his land everyday and it’s only a matter of time before he is forced to go to war.  Although his pack is in danger, he is more concerned about the well being of his only son Ash, who left the pack to take territory back from Xavier. Troy has full faith in his son, but he sent a trusted wolf named Cookie to accompany Ash and help in his ventures.


Troy is a very noble and a strong leader. The wolves in his pack follow his authority without question because of his charismatic leadership and fairness.  He treats every wolf in his pack as his children, however, he tends to neglect his actual son. To make up for this, he spoils Ash to death. He struggles with being a single father and the alpha of a pack, but he tries his best. Overall, Troy is a laid back leader who enjoys the simple things in life like community and nature.


Troy wants the best for Ash no matter what. Ash is all that is left of his kin. He lost his mate during childbirth and he has outlived all of his siblings and relatives. He has made many mistakes in his past that molded him into the person he is today and he wants to prevent Ash from doing the same. Troy wishes he had a better relationship with his father after venturing off on his own, which is ultimately why he decided to let Ash leave. He knew that at the end of the day, Ash was going to follow his dreams with or without his dad – just like he did.

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