voice actorDean Richards



Titus is a spy for the West Winds territory.  He is currently undercover in Xavier’s pack, pretending to be one of his elite wolves. Spying on Xavier is very dangerous and he could would be instantly killed if Xavier found out. His fur is mostly black but tan on his underbelly and lower face. Legend has it that Titus has never smiled or shown any emotion whatsoever. Many suspect he became the way he is from all of the battles he has fought in. He is a fearless warrior with exceptional combat abilities.


Titus has the personality of a rock. He is so emotionless it is hard to tell what he is thinking or feeling. His tolerance for silliness is very low and he scolds those who annoy him. Also, He doesn’t understand most jokes or how to have fun. He knows how to suck the fun out of any situation. Titus is all business, but who could blame him when there is so much risk involved in the war over the forest? Perhaps he will be a different person after the war is over, or perhaps he won’t even know who he is. Battle is all he knows and it is difficult for him to fathom a world without war. As you can probably tell, Titus is rather pessimistic.


Nobody knows Titus’ true motives or why he does what he does. He is unmotivated by fortune, justice, or fame. Although it is hard to understand his true motives, it is clear that he does not like Xavier and wants him gone. He would rather die a thousand deaths than see Xavier conquer all the territories. Above all, his allegiance is to Sky, the alpha of the West Winds territory……or is it?


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