TK Wolf Pack


voice actorTheGhost Machine
territoryCardboard box



Stew is a mutt who was abandoned in the forest. His owners murdered his entire family, however, he believes it was an accident. He is a very impressionable character, and managed to fully convince himself that he is a wolf, even though he is a dog.  Surviving in the forest was very difficult for him at first, however, he was able to overcome by learning from other wolves. He encounters a mysterious wolf who teaches him how to hunt. Later Stew meets Sam and they live together in a cardboard box Stew found. He eventually runs into Ash and decides to join his pack against Sam’s wishes.


Stew is hopelessly optimistic. He always manages to see the best in people, and trust them wholeheartedly. His attention span is short like a dog and he often gets distracted during long conversations. He is also quite gullible and falls for the the most obvious shenanigans and pranks. His favorite pass times are lollygagging aimlessly in the forest and chasing rabbits.  He doesn’t understand the difference between rain and snow and complex thoughts like this bumfuzzle him. Overall, he is a loving canine companion exemplifying loyalty and a good heart.


Stew wants to be the best wolf he can be. He knows that most people doubt that he is even a wolf at all (which he is not) but he wants to prove it to the world that he is the real deal. He wants to be in the middle of all the action when Ash takes down Xavier and restores peace to the forest. Stew also just wants to apart of a real wolf pack and he enjoys hanging out with Ash, Sam, and Cookie.

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