voice actorSkywolf
territoryThe West Winds



Sky is alpha of the West Winds territory located in the Mountains.  She was picked over her two older brothers to become the first female alpha in history due to her decisiveness and leadership. Not only is she the first female alpha, but some consider her to be the greatest alpha West Winds has ever had. She is the only alpha to win a battle against Xavier and successfully stop his army from taking even a single blade of grass away from her territory. Her cleverness, political skills, and sense of justice are the driving forces behind the resistance against Xavier.


Sky puts other wolves before herself and she has the upmost respect for nature. At times she can be very uptight, but that’s only because she takes a lot of situations very seriously. Sky matured at a young age due to the pressure of having to be a strong leader. As a result, it is hard for her to unwind and have fun. She does not have a sense of humor, but she is extremely kind and sincere. She is also optimistic by nature and tries to see the best in others. It’s hard to know how sky truly feels about anything because she hides her true feelings in order to be strong for her pack.


Sky wants to protect her territory at all cost. She would gladly lay down her life so that West Winds remains safe. Her primary objective is to stop Xavier from becoming too powerful. She wants to stop him because of the appalling way he disregards the rules of the forest. Above all, Sky wants peace in the forest and for nature to be respected.

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