voice actor



gender Female
rank Loner
territory stew’s cardboard box



Sam is a wolf, and one of the main characters of The Search. Her origin is a mystery that nobody knows much about. For most of her life she has been a lone-wolf, hunting, and wandering from one territory to another. She is without a pack, as she despises other wolves for their barbaric disrespect for nature. One day Sam encounters a pup named Stew living inside a cardboard box with a childlike innocence, and humble desire to do good. Stew’s resolve restores her faith in the world and in return she teaches Stew everything she knows about being a wolf. Stew is probably the most important person in the world to Sam. Therefore, she would do anything to protect him.


Sam is a strong willed character, sticking to her beliefs even if they aren’t popular. Her sense of humor is very sarcastic and some would consider her to be pessimistic. She is the type of person who questions authority and goes against the secular crowd.  She has zero tolerance for bullies and isn’t afraid to fight someone 10 times her size. Although she is a very tough character, she struggles with maintaining friendships and getting along with others. She puts on a facade of not caring what other wolves think of her, however, in actuality she is insecure.


Sam wants to protect Stew from bad influences like Ash. Stew is her only friend and she nearly loses her mind when Ash recruits Stew into his wolf pack. She will stop at nothing to safely return stew into her custody.  She truly admires Stew’s heart and she does not want it to be corrupted in any way. Above all, Sam just wants to be friends with Stew and travel together.

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