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Raina is a troubled, adolescent, hellhound in Wolf Song. She is the runt of her litter, and was neglected by her father The Death Alpha because of this. Her cousin, Zar, switches sides near the beginning of the movie. Due to Zar basically raising her, she switches sides with him. Despite this, she struggles internally with where her loyalties lie and comes close to reverting back to her father’s more cruel side. Ultimately she decides to stay loyal to Zar and his cause when she sees how much kinder Damien‘s pack is.


Raina is sassy and clever. She will do whatever it takes to win a fight, including flirting with or racking her opponent. This fighting style originated from her 2 sisters, Mia and Mai, who she used to train with. She is very strategic and prefers coming up with plans over fighting. Her hand to hand combat is juvenile so she fights better at a distance or by outsmarting her opponent.


The Death Alpha is her father, unfortunately for her. His relationship with Raina is weak and all he sees is her own weakness. This results in him refusing to train her as she gets older. Despite this, she always tried to please him. The rest of her family isn’t any better. Her sisters would use her as a training dummy – oftentimes injuring her since they were bigger and stronger. Raina held her ground and desperately tried to prove herself as she continued training with them up until The Death Alpha sent her to Zar.

Zar is Raina’s older cousin who took over her training when she was still young. Together with her other cousins, Brendan and Balder, they formed the A-Squad, a well-known and professional group of assassins in The Death Keep Pack. When Zar switched sides, Raina meets Lightning, a strapping young Beta who instantly intrigues her. Lacking social skills, she attempts to get his attention with sarcasm, spiteful teasing, and annoying tendencies.