TERRITORYThe Barren Lands



Lightning is the Beta (or second in command) in Damien‘s pack. Similarly to Chance, Damien and Hartanna found Lightning when he was a puppy. His solitude is likely a result of The Death Alpha’s reign of terror. He is well respected in the pack, and he doesn’t fear death.


Lightning doesn’t have a personality outside of annoyance and loyalty. Other wolves easily irritate the golden wolf but he would happily lay down his life to keep them safe. The leadership dynamic of Damien and Lightning is a perfect combination of leniency and control.


He doesn’t have any living relatives that we know of. However, Damien and Hartanna are his adopted parents and he is overbearingly loyal to them. In one scene Damien fights several other alphas and Lightning instantly jumps into the mix to protect him. However, Damien orders him to back off and he obeys. While Hartanna is his mother-figure, their relationship isn’t shown in the movie and he is unaware of Hartanna’s secret. Lightning shows secret affections for a young she-wolf named Raina. His affections for her annoy him and he pushes them away, focusing on his orders instead. Raina has feelings for him, but she doesn’t believe that he could ever like her, and his feelings for her are never expressed on screen in the movie.


Lightning only wishes to keep his pack safe and one day succeed his alpha before him. His loyalty and dedication outweigh his annoyance for other wolves and he proudly fights for the peace of his pack. He also has a secret desire to find a mate and have children of his own. He vows to stay beside them and protect them since his real parents were unable to.