VOICE ACTORMartin Olivares



Kendon is the omega of Damien‘s pack of loners in the Wolf Song movie. He seems loyal to the main pack; unfortunately, not everything is as it seems. The end of the movie clearly portrays his betrayal, however, the extent of his betrayal is unknown.


He is an introverted, quiet, and sensible spy proven to be a traitor in the midst of the main pack. This wolf is a master of stealth and relays information to The Death Alpha throughout the movie without being caught. He maintains incredible self-control and patience when Damien accepts him into his pack as the lowest rank a wolf can have: omega. The Death Keep Pack honor him as the top messenger and spy in their ranks. Furthermore, despite maintaining a less valuable rank, he has an amazing sense of self-control and keeps the secret of him being a spy amazingly well. Besides that, not even Zar, a former member of The Death Alpha’s pack, could see through this spy’s charade.


He doesn’t have any living relatives that we know of, but he does form a relationship with Chance. This wolf considers Kendon his brother, and his closest friend, without realizing that he is a spy for the other team. Additionally, Kendon is seen working closely with Hartanna, an age-old shape shifter and his partner in crime. He is aware of Hartanna being a shape shifter the entire time because Hartanna isn’t as reserved as Kendon and gave hints throughout the movie that she was a traitor. His pack never finds out that he is a traitor, fortunately for Kendon. Therefore, the loner pack assumed both Hartanna and Kendon died during the final war and are unaware of what really happened.