TERRITORYThe Barren Lands



Kara is a young she-wolf that ran away from home with her brother Alador and found herself in the midst of wolves. They meet an older wolf named Damien who brings them to his territory and instantly accepts them into his pack. Upon entering the territory, they discover a haunting truth. Alador is the sought-after “Pure Of Heart” that a power-hungry hellhound has been seeking out for years. Not long after they arrive, Alador is taken captive by this sociopathic alpha known as The Death Alpha. Kara blames herself for his kidnapping and spends the remainder of the movie trying to get her brother back.


She is family-oriented and loyal to her friends. She expects the best out of herself and others, easily losing trust in those that don’t return her level of loyalty. This strengthened her bond with her loyal brother Alador and weakened the bond with the father that abandoned her – Damien. She’s the type of wolf that doesn’t entirely know what she wants on her sandwhich. Kara goes with the flow, expecting others to have a plan or a schedule. But when she’s put on the spot, or in a position of volun-told leadership, she becomes overly anxious. She can make a plan of attack and become aggressive when needed, but she prefers her circle of comfort – far away from any spot light. Kara has a bad habit of blaming herself when things go wrong. She becomes easily paranoid and constantly wonders how she could have done things differently. She’s the physical reincarnation of regret, loneliness, and self-pity during the darkest times.


Alador – Kara is really close to her brother Alador. They endured the hardships that eventually led to them running away from home. They will always have each other’s backs.

Bete De Loup – Bete De Loup is her mother. She is never shown speaking with Kara, but she shows up in Damien’s dreams as Kara’s mother.

Damien – Kara holds contempt for her father since he left her and her brother when they were puppies. Before killing Damien at the end of the movie, Kara mentions that she knew Damien was her father from the start. She also forgives him for leaving her before his death.

Arrow – One wolf Kara will never forget is Arrow. Kara meets him when she joins Damien’s pack and they instantly have a connection. Their relationship develops and gets more serious throughout the movie as Arrow helps her get Alador back. By the end of the movie, Arrow is willing to die to keep Kara alive.