Join The TK Wolf Pack!

Presenting the TK Wolf Pack! There are 2 tiers you can join – Puppy Recruit or Full Pack Member. Joining gives me the funds I need for animation equipment AND the food /  coffee my body needs to keep working on animations. I appreciate everyone’s contributions! 

Note: joining is not available through iPhones

Members Only Weekly WIP Videos

In the TK Wolf Pack, Puppy Recruits and Full Pack Members alike have instant access to weekly Work In Progresses. New videos are added every Wednesday.

Live Streams

Catch me on YouTube every day from 7pm – 8pm CST! During these streams I work on The Search, The Wolf Song Comic, and any other major animation projects. Live streams are available to everyone and old live streams are available to Puppy Recruits and Full Pack Members.

Private Video Library

Over the years I’ve animated quite a few videos. Several of these used to be on my channel but were taken down because they were outdated. But now I’m opening these old videos back up to Puppy Recruits and Full Pack Members alike!

The TK Wolf Pack Tiers

Puppy Recruit (In Training)

$ 1 99
  • Loyalty badges next to your name in comments and live chat
  • Custom emoji to use in live chat
  • Access to private videos on youtube
  • Weekly work in progress videos

Full Fledge Pack Member

~ Includes all the perks in the Puppy Recruit Tier as well

$ 4 99
  • Watch new videos 1 week before everyone else
  • Get shout outs as a Full Pack Member in videos
  • Take advantage of discounted merchandise