RANKAlpha Female
TERRITORYThe Barren Lands



Hartanna is an ageless shape-shifter with limitless forms. She is first portrayed as very motherly and cares for all the members of her pack. Unbeknownst to them, she has a darker more sinister power. After Damien fathered Alador and Kara, Bete De Loup sent him away. Hartanna seized her moment and took advantage of his broken heart. Therefore, Damien falls madly in love with Hartanna. Due to Hartanna not being a real wolf, they were never able to have children. This is something Damien never knew. Luckily for them, The Death Alpha‘s reign pushed many pups and young adults into the forest alone. This resulted in the couple adopting all the younger wolves they could find that also needed their help and allowed them to form the pack we know today.


Being a shape-shifter, we oftentimes will see her on screen, but in different forms. On screen she has been a bird, a fox, and a bear as well as other seemingly irrelevant wolves. The only form we have seen her change into was the bird followed by the bear after the credits. She has the first impression of a nurturing Alpha Female, but this quickly turns into suspicion when her attempted murder of her mate Damien fails. She has moments of acting cold towards Damien as well as other members of the pack, allowing her true colors to show through the mask.


Hartanna has no relatives that we know of, but her mate is Damien and her step children are Kara and Alador. She also acts as a mother-figure to all the other wolves in Damien’s pack since she raised most of them from pup-hood.


While Hartanna does work as a spy for The Death Alpha, her true ambitions are unknown. Furthermore, her sinister smile after the movie credits show that she has less than innocent intentions.