Death Alpha



The Death Alpha is a hellhound from the underworld in Wolf Song. He is introduced as Cerberus‘s brother, a mythological three-headed dog that guards the doors to the underworld. In an attempt to overpower his brother, he proposes a trade with him. He offers to find The Stone of Souls in exchange for control of the underworld. Cerberus accepts this trade. So The Death Alpha takes an army to the living realm. His first task gets completed without a hitch. He defeats the Holloweds guarding The Stone. He kills the leader of these guardians, known as The Death Hollowed. The Death Alpha stole his name, powers, and status.


Being one of Hades’ loyal dogs, he has skills in lying, manipulation, violence, and sociopathic tendencies. 

Therefore, he is unafraid of using others to his advantage, even when they are related to him. Cold and uncaring, he will stop at nothing to overtake the forest and secure The Stone of Souls, even resulting in the torture and death of other wolves.


Raina, Mia, and Mai are The Death Alpha’s 3 daughters. He never valued the weakest of his daughters, Raina, so he refused to train her. This development drove a rift within the family which ultimately resulted in Raina leaving her father’s pack. Because of this, she joined Damien‘s pack of loners along with her cousins Zar, Brendan and Balder. Much is unknown about The Death Alpha’s relationship with Zar, Brendan, and Balder. But we do know that Zar did something bad to make his Uncle lose faith in their team.


Due to his brother Cerberus always being more powerful, he was left desperate for recognition and control. Because of this, our main antagonist took Cerberus’ offer and left the underworld to get The Stone of Souls, The Pure of Heart, and the holy book.