RANK Alpha
TERRITORY The Barren Lands



Damien originated from The Power Twist pack and currently resides in The Barren Lands. At the beginning of the movie, the main characters Kara and Alador are shown running into the forest. Most noteworthy, Damien is the first one to find them and accepted them instantly into his pack.


He holds most of the personality traits of a leader since his father was an alpha. He values family above all else and attempts to fill his empty heart with adopted children. However, his heart is also his biggest weakness. When he trusts you, he is easily fooled and unlike other alphas, he is unable to maintain complete control of his pack. Therefore, Damien’s methods for leadership are unorthodox as he allows his pack to run wild on The Barren Lands. He falls in love easily and has trouble disciplining the members of his pack when they break rules.


Damien’s father is the alpha of The Power Twist pack, furthermore, his brother is the successor of the pack. His brother debuts near the end of the movie and is killed during the final battle. Damien’s  mother is never mentioned. His first mate is Bete De Loup, the mother of Kara and Alador. This relationship ended after his children were born. Not long after this event, he met Hartanna, a really caring she-wolf loner. Similarly to Bete De Loup, Damien falls deeply in love with her. Unfortunately, his father doesn’t approve of their relationship and exiled him from the territory. The couple left and started a pack of their own. If only he had heeded his father’s warnings.


Damien desires acceptance, love, and safety for himself and his family. Therefore, his main goal is to keep his pack safe as well as his blood-relatives, Kara and Alador. He does not care for power, control, or fame; and he longs for a future filled with like-minded individuals.