voice actorcougar mcdowell va
territorySouth Pecan Tree


Cookie is one of Troy‘s most trusted wolves. When Ash left the territory to venture off on his own, Troy instructed him to accompany Ash. He agreed reluctantly and despite being against the decision he stuck to his word and stayed with Ash. This situation was especially hard for Cookie because he had to leave his entire family behind. Above all, he has no faith in Ash’s leadership abilities and doubts him around every corner. Ash’s mission is to take down Xavier but Cookie is very skeptical of him being able to accomplish anything. His doubts further increase when Ash brings a dog named Stew into the pack.


Cookie has a very realistic mindset, and he understands his strengths and weaknesses. His biggest strength is his ability to come up with plans and think logically. However, he lacks both leadership and confidence. He isn’t very strong and would rather talk things out instead of fighting. Cookie is very unlucky and bad things happen to him all the time.  He was unluckily picked to accompany Ash and he got the the worst of it when a demonic rabbit invaded the South Pecan Tree.  Sarcasm embodies his personality as he constantly teases and banters Ash. Some would consider Cookie to be a coward as he avoids dangerous situations, but that is not entirely true. He is willing to put his life on the line but it would have to be for a cause he believes in.


Cookie just wants to survive. He doesn’t have any strong goals or desires and just wants to make it out of this series in one piece. He tries to contribute to the pack in anyway that he can. Above all, He wants to return to his family in the Northern Tundra and resume his life.

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