Cobalt is a mentally unstable wolf in Wolf Song. He wasn’t always like this, but a chance encounter with The Death Alpha when he was a puppy turned him into a cold-blooded killer on a path of terror and destruction. When The Death Alpha greeted Cobalt for the first time, Cobalt wet himself from fear. The Death Alpha laughed at him and then told Cobalt to redeem himself by being a man and killing his friend.

Terrified for his life, Cobalt obeyed and killed his friend. His taste for blood only grew over the years as he morphed into our favorite wolf lunatic that we never knew we needed.


Cobalt’s favorite activities include long walks on the beach and disemboweling his enemies. He isn’t very strong, smart, or strategic; but he is ruthless. His ruthlessness got him into his current position and allowed The Death Alpha to overlook his weakness and cowardice. Luckily for our main cast, Cobalt isn’t a threat when he is alone. He runs away every time his team starts to lose to the other side.
He is quick to return when his team gets a leg up and he tends to taunt and humiliate the losing team. Cobalt does everything in his power to keep this fact a secret from The Death Alpha, and he succeeds. He even did this with Damien‘s pack as well as countless packs off-screen. The Death Alpha gives him free-reign on taking over new packs. Therefore, he has a lot of blood on his paws.


Not unlike our main cast, Cobalt’s main goal is to overthrow The Death Alpha. He knows this is a pipe-dream, but he gets as close as he can by manipulating and deceiving those around him. Everyone is a toy to him and he wants access to the entire toy chest whenever he pleases. He would be happy taking advantage of she-wolves and torturing/murdering anyone who annoys him in his pack whenever he feels like it.