The Search

A young wolf named Ash leaves home for the first time in his life. His goal is to find the perfect pack that obeys him without question. But Xavier already owns most of the land, forcing Ash to fight an uphill battle from day #1.

The Search Characters (Wiki)

Ash meets a lot of wolves as he searches for his place in the world. Here are the main 8 characters of the show. Click on the character to learn more about them.


All of The Search episodes and short videos can be found here! New episodes will be added once they premiere.

How long does it take to animate?

  1. Storyboarding
    (20-36 sec. per hour)
  2. Lineart
    (8-12 sec. per hour)
  3. Color
    (16 sec. per hour)
  4. Backgrounds
    (36 sec. per hour)

Wolf Song

Wolf Song is an animated story I created in high school with the help of many awesome online voice actors. Personally, I had a lot of fun creating this movie and I am glad there are people who like it. Some of my best teenage memories are of me working and laughing with voice actors as we tried to bring this thing to life. I must admit the animation and story-line are inconsistent and amateur, but I have learned a lot from this project and plan to use that knowledge to create more content for anyone willing to watch! I hope you enjoy the movie!

Wolf Song Characters (Wiki)

One thing Wolf Song isn’t short of is characters. Kara and Alador meet a lot of wolves, so I added the most important ones below for easy reference. Click on the character to learn more about them.

Wolf Song: The Movie

Wolf Song revolves around a female wolf named Kara and her brother Alador. They embark on a journey to stop an evil entity known as the Death Alpha. Throughout their adventures, Kara and Alador encounter interesting companions such as the wolf leader Damien and his pack of loners. Join Kara as she experiences friendship, love, betrayal, sadness, defeat, and much more.