TERRITORYThe Barren Lands



Chance is one of the wolves in Damien‘s pack. Hartanna and Damien found him when he was a hopeless puppy wandering around aimlessly. At a young age he saw horrible things and lost his entire pack to The Death Alpha. Although he has a tragic past, Chance is able to hold an optimistic attitude and enjoy life whenever he gets the chance.


He does not understand women and believes that males are more superior in certain aspects. The females in his pack overpower him consistently despite this. Chance is still an optimist that believes boys rule and girls drool. He clearly has some growing up to do but he is in no hurry. While he does not understand girls, he is also a player of sorts. If she has a heartbeat, he is interested. He is immature and becomes frightened more easily than his pack, but he’s become an “expert” at playing it off. This is probably due to low self-esteem. Despite the more serious plot going on around him, Chance will always find the time to see the good in things around him.. and pull a prank or two while he’s at it.


Chance has no living relatives that we know of, but he has a close relationship with his step parents, Damien and Hartanna. In addition, the other members of his pack are like brothers and sisters to him. Especially Kendon who he quickly forms a bond with despite the fact that he was the last wolf to join their pack.  Also, he has a thing for a she-wolf in their pack, but she also happens to be a feminist. Their dynamic is an interesting one, but also causes unnecessary drama within the pack in certain scenes.