Cerberus from Wolf Song looking to the left with fire around his body. He is cut out from the original background behind him.


RANKTop Watchdog


Cerberus is the Top Watchdog of the Underworld’s front doors in Wolf Song. His character is strongly based on the Greek mythological 3-headed hell-hound, Cerberus. Furthermore, he makes a big mistake and loses the respect of others in the underworld before the movie begins. So, he offers a trade with his brother, The Death Alpha. His brother accepts this trade and travels to the living realm due to his own hunt for power and control. The 3-headed hound waits for his brother to return with The Stone of Souls and The Pure of Heart for the duration of the movie.


Cerberus controls others to satisfy his own needs and desires. Therefore, manipulating and using other hell-hounds is commonplace for him. Similar to his brother, he is cold and uncaring towards others and focuses on only his ultimate goals. Leading his pack of hounds comes naturally to him, but he gets bored with them easily and doesn’t enjoy his current position. He wishes to break out and rule over wolves (and eventually humans) instead of only hell-hounds like himself. Also noteworthy, the older a hell-hound is, the bigger they grow. The Death Alpha is 3 times bigger than a normal wolf, and Cerberus is 3 times bigger than The Death Alpha.


He proudly owns the title of the most powerful Watchdog in the Underworld. This feeds The Death Alpha’s jealousy and lust for power, which ultimately persuaded him to accept Cerberus’ trade and raise in the Underworld Watchdog ranks. Cerberus was never desperate to please anyone, unlike his brother. So, once Hades turned his back on Cerberus due to his mistake, he immediately cut ties and pursued his goal of reigning supreme in the realm of the living instead. However, he still needed to break out of his imprisonment and permanently break ties to the underworld to accomplish this. He is still in the underworld, waiting for his brother to return with The Stone.