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how long does it take to make a animated movie
Frequently Asked Questions

How Long It Took To Animate A Movie By Myself

How long does it take to make an animated movie? Well, all movies and animators are different – but this is how long it took me.

how to become an animator
Drawing Tutorials

How I Became An Animator On YouTube (And How You Can Too)

It’s true what they say – you only get out of it what you put in it. Becoming a successful animator on YouTube is no exception. While this career is fun and rewarding on many levels, it’s also very difficult to gain traction on video platforms like YouTube.

Blender Loop Animation
Art Software Guides

How to Loop an Animation in Blender with a Start and Stop Time [2D Grease Pencil]

Creating a Blender loop animation that does NOT loop indefinitely is not intuitive, but it is possible. This allows us to animate multiple scenes in one Blender file, really streamlining our workflows. Here’s how to do it.

Youtube Account Hacked
True Stories

How I Recovered My Hacked YouTube Account

In early 2020, my YouTube channel (ThunderKathryn) was hacked, stolen, and completely deleted off the platform. Here’s how I was able to restore my channel.

how to add audio to adobe animate
Art Software Guides

How Do You Import Audio Into Adobe Animate?

Adding audio in Adobe Animate is very easy and straightforward. Here’s a quick step-by-step guide so your project will be set up in no time.

Character Design Process
Character Design

Character Design Process [Tutorial, Tips, and Best Practices]

What makes a character design good? In this article I fully explain my character design process with examples and concept art.