VOICE ACTORBrian Salas / Lucus Lucario



Blaze is a beta wolf in The Death Keep Pack. His original pack was taken over by The Death Alpha and he wants nothing more than to take the sociopathic alpha down. He is a spy in The Death Keep Pack and is not afraid of death. But his background holds more secrets that have yet to be revealed.


Blaze would probably have a similar personality to Chance if he wasn’t in such a serious situation. He is more than willing to help Kara and her pack when they infiltrate The Death Alpha’s territory. He is highly skilled in stealth and deception, which made stealing The Stone of Souls a snap. Earlier in the movie he used his strength and speed to help Alador escape the territory. He knocked out the guards with 2 swift blows and pulled Alador to his back, ready to flee. Alador kicked away from Blaze and told him to leave because The Death Keep Pack was getting too close. Blaze is strong, but also smart, so he took this as a loss and escaped quickly to fight another day.


He has no living relatives that we know of, but he had a pack at one point. He likes Kara and is willing to help her instantly. This is probably because they share a similar goal of taking down The Death Alpha and his evil practices. Blaze is close friends with Zar, although the extent of their relationship is unknown.


He longs to take down The Death Alpha and The Death Keep Pack. After learning about the pure Alador being on Kara’s side, Blaze puts his trust in this pack entirely. He believes in Kara and Alador so much that he blew his cover to protect Kara right before the final battle began.