VOICE ACTOREmperor Takashi
TERRITORYSouth Pecan Tree



Ash is one of the main characters in the YouTube series The Search. He left his father’s pack in search of fame and power.  He is struggling with the transition into leadership due to his inability to understand and relate to other wolves. Therefore, this renders him unable to recruit members into his pack. Troy, sent his trusted wolf Cookie to follow Ash. Cookie is the only other wolf in the pack but there is also a dog named Stew.

Although other wolves view Ash as a loser, he overflows with confidence, completely oblivious to what others think.


Ash is not the smartest wolf around, some might say he is a few fries short of a happy meal. When it comes to intimidation, lets just say he is all foam and no beer. Normally these traits would be an issue, but this wolf is so dense he could have a conversation with a brick wall. Cookie sums it up the best stating, “Ash has a little bit of growing up to do”.

His personality/ego is the result of being spoiled and undisciplined as a pup. He was given everything he ever wanted and lived like a prince before he left his father’s territory. Growing up, he was constantly told how great he was  because of his pure bloodline of strong powerful Alphas.  This all changes when he ventures off on his own and comes face to face with his own ineptness.


Ash is looking for an alpha female to start a pack of his own, but to do that he feels like he must prove himself first. In order to get the attention of the ladies, he plans to take down Xavier, the biggest baddest wolf in the forest.

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