Arrow sitting down and growling.


VOICE ACTORBloodstainedfur
TERRITORYThe Barren Lands



Arrow is a hardheaded young male in Wolf Song. His pack was invaded by The Death Alpha when he was only a pup. During the chaos, Arrow’s siblings were killed but he managed to carry his youngest sister, Yazmine, away from the war zone. They survived, but they never saw their parents again after that day.

After losing his family and his entire pack, Arrow’s heart was filled with remorse, hatred, and a lust for revenge. That’s when he met Ursa – a spirit bear guarding the Womb of Warriors. A great sanctum where the Hollowed’s are trained and born. Arrow stays at this cave for a long time, feeding his resolve with anger and spite towards The Death Alpha as he accepts the gift of Smoke from the Holloweds.

Years later, he meets Kara (as she ungracefully knocks him over during a training session.) Arrow’s small pool of patience is instantly depleted as he stands up and storms back to the pack’s main territory.



Under normal circumstances, Arrow is the type of guy one can talk to no matter what. He is always an open ear and typically has a very calm disposition. However, Arrow pulls his hair out frequently due to his irritability of other wolves. He enjoys the solitude of nature and tends to go on long hunting trips alone. However, he is playful and enjoys intelligent conversation with like-minded individuals. At one point he was an alpha’s son with many qualities of a leader, but he tries not to think about what his life could have been.


Yazmine is Arrow’s sister and his only living relative. He doesn’t do much to nurture their relationship, but they remain on good terms since Yazmine is optimistic and forgiving. She follows him around and always wants to spend time with him, but he tends to leave her in the care of the pack so he can continue training during his “hunting trips.”

Damien stands in as Arrow’s mentor. Their relationship isn’t shown much on screen, but Arrow holds Damien in high regard and looks up to him.

Kara makes Arrow confused. Since Arrow’s one goal is fueled by anger, the way he feels around Kara somehow weakens his resolve. He is less interested in revenge, and more interested in protecting the ones he cares about. It is uncertain whether these feelings are romantic or his Smoke Hollowed’s natural desire to protect The Stone Of Souls and The Pure Of Heart. This is highlighted when he helps Kara learn to control the Stone and he jumps to her defense during the final battle.