Alador from Wolf Song with glowing, blue eyes, snarling at the camera, tail stiff and down, and shoulders hunched down, ready to attack.


TERRITORYThe Barren Lands


Alador is an adolescent male wolf living in the Barren Lands. He ran away from home with his sister, Kara, and they joined a pack made up entirely of lone wolves. The pack instantly accepts Alador as the legendary “Pure Of Heart” due to his kind nature. But this makes him a hot target for, The Death Alpha. It isn’t long before his new pack is ambushed, and Alador is kidnapped. Kara was away from the territory when this happened and she spends the remainder of the movie trying to get him back.


Alador has a strong sense of justice and views the world with innocent eyes. He sees the best in others and strives to make everyone around him comfortable and happy. He has a strong desire to pull pranks and see the world (especially the ocean!) He isn’t the best fighter, but that doesn’t stop him from standing for what is right. He has a lot of the same personality traits as his father Damien, including leadership skills and genuine empathy for others. After Alador is stolen and tortured by The Death Keep’s beta, Cobalt, he still stays true to what he believes in and refuses to switch sides.


Kara is Alador’s sister. Alador didn’t think twice when he caught her running away from home. She is his best friend and he will always have her back. So he quickly, and stubbornly, followed her.

Bete De Loup is his mother, but they are never seen interacting in the movie. However, off-screen, Alador is a huge mama’s boy. He loves his mother even when she is in the wrong.

Damien is his father, but Alador died before learning this. Even so, Alador loved Damien as his alpha, leader, and friend. They had a great relationship when they were both alive. 

Chance is Alador’s BWFF (best wolf friend forever.) They don’t have many interactions in the movie, but they would read comics and watch anime together off-screen. They would re-enact movies and books and simultaneously drive the rest of the pack crazy with their shenanigans. 

Onora is Alador’s love interest. Alador takes an instant liking to the purple she-wolf – but they didn’t get far in their relationship before Alador was kidnapped and never returned. When Onora learns of Alador’s death she takes off a feather that she is never seen without and she mourns for his loss.